How do you feel about due diligence?

Thinking about the year ahead, how confident are you about the platforms and investments you’re recommending to clients?

Are they still 100% suitable, or are some aspects like service or proposition starting to give you pause?

Your regular review process may fall neatly at the start of the year, or it may be more ad hoc in nature. But as you get into the swing of annual client reviews, it’s worth sense checking that the destinations for clients’ life savings remain as suitable as they were when they were first chosen.

In a very unscientific poll we ran not that long ago, we asked people to choose an emoji that best describes their due diligence process.

Of the select group that answered, more people than not expressed unhappiness with how they’re able to review platforms and investments – either frustration 😫 or out-and-out rage 🤬.

Analyser exists to take the pain out of the process – more like 😍 or even 😎.

Here are some of the developments we delivered last year to help move you up the emoji due diligence scale:

1) Templates A suitability starting point

2) Revamped support, resources and user help

3) Consumer Duty templates and extra datapoints (see #1, but with a Consumer Duty twist)

4) The launch of Tracker, to keep you up-to-date and well briefed on policy and regulatory changes

5) New look Analyser reports

We have a total of 27 platforms and 47 MPS providers available to research in Analyser, and (particularly on the MPS side) new providers are coming on board all the time. Alongside this, we’ve set up two partnerships with like-minded companies ESG Accord and BareRock.

We’ve also kept up our end of regular lang cat insight in the form of State of the Platform Nation and regular Adviser Briefings, as well as practical help like our questions to ask on platform service.

If there’s anything you’d like Analyser to help with on due diligence, or if you’d benefit from some one-on-one time with the team to get the most out of the system, just let us know on [email protected].

May this year be the year you fall in love with due diligence (or at least learn to like the process a bit more).

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