Platforms, MPS and the new wave of integration

When the Transact – BlackRock MPS launched over a year ago, it marked a couple of ‘firsts’.

It was the first time Transact had entered into the world of investment management, with a range of seven model portfolios run by BlackRock exclusively for Transact users.

It was also the first time BlackRock would be managing an MPS range on a UK adviser platform, having previously partnered with Embark (as was) on its Retirement Pathways funds for non-advised customers in drawdown.

One year on, Transact says the BlackRock MPS represents the fastest growing DFM launch on the platform.

So how does this fit with other platform/MPS tie-ups? And can integration ever be a good thing?

The lang cat view

In a way the Transact – BlackRock partnership is a different flavour of what exists already, and models that have gone before.

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