Three new ranges from ebi added to Analyser

ebi has launched three new ranges which have now been added to Analyser alongside ebi’s flagship Earth portfolios.

The Earth portfolios were launched in 2019. They are globally diversified with increased allocations towards five factors: size, quality, momentum, minimum volatility and value. The portfolios are also ESG screened across both equities and bonds.

ebi’s three new ranges are called Core, Core ESG and World.

The Core range includes market-indexed portfolios and is aimed at clients looking for returns comparable with global benchmark indices. The Core ESG portfolios are similar but, as the name suggests, have an ESG overlay.

Meanwhile the World portfolios are similar to Earth as they follow a factor-tilted approach however the funds are not ESG screened.

ebi is also working on developing a socially responsible investing (SRI) portfolio.

Subscribers will find all the details in Analyser’s directory.

We’re adding more MPS providers all the time. If there’s a MPS provider or range that you’d like to see on Analyser, let us know and contact the provider to encourage them to get the wheels in motion.

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