Copia adds new retirement ranges

Copia Capital has launched two new MPS ranges designed for clients in retirement.

These ranges can now be assessed and compared on Analyser.

Copia was formally launched as a DFM in 2016 and started out life as a division of the Novia platform, which has since rebranded to Wealthtime.

Its new ranges are:

·       Select Retirement Income (RI): This aims to reduce the ‘sequencing risk’ of retirement investing.

·       Select Retirement Income Plus (RI+): This approach includes a guaranteed income element allowing an increased weighting to equities and alternatives.

Copia’s MPS ranges are available on 17 platforms.

We’re adding more MPS providers and ranges all the time. If there’s a MPS provider or range that you’d like to see on Analyser, let us know and contact the provider to encourage them to get the wheels in motion.

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