Blackfinch MPS available on Analyser

The Blackfinch managed portfolio service has now been added to Analyser for you to include as part of your investment suitability process.

Blackfinch launched its MPS range in July 2018, and has around £102.9m in assets under management as at 30 August 2023.

The proposition is aimed at clients who want to invest with ESG factors in mind, and Blackfinch adopts a positive screening approach as part of its ESG investing process.

Blackfinch’s portfolios target inflation-linked returns as measured by the Consumer Prices Index over a rolling five-year basis.

The MPS (as well as its multi-asset funds) are only available through advisers and on third-party platforms. Blackfinch doesn’t have its own in-house advisers – it says its expertise lies in building and maintaining investment solutions.

Literature can be co-branded or white-labelled, and communications are designed to be “investor friendly” to support the investment advice being given.

We’ve added Blackfinch to Analyser based on adviser feedback. If there’s an MPS provider you’d like to see included on Analyser, just let us know at [email protected]

You can find out more about Blackfinch and other MPS providers inside Analyser. Sign up for your free trial here.  

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