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Setting up and using Analyser

Very easily. Go to our registration page and follow the instructions. Here you can set up an account and you’ll be ready to start your 14 day free trial.

If you’ve already got a Directory account and you want to upgrade to Analyser, simply log in and follow the instructions to upgrade. 

If you’re new to Analyser, you can sign up here.

When you go to create an account, you may see a message that says: “Sorry, we don’t allow signups from disposable email addresses. Please try a different email account.”

A disposable email address is one that isn’t issued by your company, but a personal one such as Hotmail or Gmail. For our system, we do need your work email address rather than a personal one.

This approach is also generally better from a security perspective.

Yes, both.

If you have already got an account or have signed up for a free trial, you can book an appointment with Abbey and Terry here.

If you have any questions or problems with the appointment link, drop us a line at [email protected].

We publish all ‘how to’ videos here.

To change your password, log in to Analyser and navigate to ‘account’ and ‘account settings’, then click ‘change your password’.

If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the Analyser log in page and click ‘forgotten your password?’ under the ‘Sign up’ button. Enter your email address and check your inbox for next steps.

When you next log in, follow the instructions to upgrade. Don’t worry, you won’t need to enter any payment details. This will direct you through the sign up process and start your 14 day free trial. At the end of your free trial, you have the option to subscribe to Analyser and will be prompted to add your payment details to do this.

If you choose not to sign up at the end of the trial, you’ll simply not be able to access Analyser any longer.

Yes. You can find details on how Analyser helps you meet your Consumer Duty obligations here.

Platform suitability and due diligence

The data initially held on the system is the standard headline pricing published by each platform, but we give you the ability to edit part of this.

Once logged in, go to ‘my firm’ in the top menu and then ‘my pricing’. From here you can view, add, edit and archive pricing deals you’ve created.

If you find something you can’t edit which you need to amend, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll do it for you.

Pricing deals entered in this way will appear in both the comparisons you run and in your due diligence reports.

The data initially held on the system is the standard headline pricing published by each platform, but we give you the ability to edit part of this.

Once logged in, go to ‘my firm’ in the top menu and then ‘my pricing’. From here you can view, add, edit and archive pricing deals you’ve created.

If you find something you can’t edit which you need to amend, we can do it for you.

Here are the steps, you need to follow:

  • Create a pricing structure shell for every provider you want to set up custom pricing for. For each one, click the yellow button ‘ Add structure’
  • Select the platform and pricing structure you want to update and click ‘Customise’
  • Give the pricing structure a name e.g. ‘my firm’s X platform special terms’ platform the name of the pricing structure and scroll all the way to the bottom and click ‘Save’. You’ll see lots of other fields on this page but you don’t need to change anything else
  • Once you’ve set up the name, get in touch with us at [email protected], with the name of the pricing structure and let us know what your bespoke pricing deal is and we’ll update all the tiers and bps.

Pricing deals entered in this way will appear in both the comparisons you run and in your due diligence reports.

Email your questions and any supporting information to [email protected] and we’ll look into this for you.

We don’t hold one, but this can easily be generated yourself within the Comparisons tab.

We’re all ears – email us your suggestion and as long as it’s something platforms do, we’ll do our best to add it and ask platforms to give us the relevant data. If there’s some reason we can’t add your chosen feature, we’ll let you know.

The buy and sell trades are separate transactions, so this should be added as two entries.

Not exactly, but you can enter the total assets as one portfolio value.

We collect these twice a year from our adviser panel.

Right now, Analyser only includes retail platforms. We’ve plans to add ‘adviser as the platform’ platforms like Seccl and SEI in the future.

Comparing MPS in Analyser

Let’s start with what MPS stands for. In Analyser, MPS stands for Managed Portfolio Service.

A MPS is a range of portfolios managed by a DFM that any financial planner or adviser can invest in.  They are usually risk rated and managed through rebalancing, fund changes and weightings of every underlying asset.

The MPS is available directly from the DFM or through a third party platform – such as a platform! Either way, it means anyone can access the discretionary managed portfolios; they are not tailored to an individual.

There are two different legal structures for MPS; Agent as Client or Reliance on Others. Analyser includes details of the legal structure of every MPS.

We’re adding more every month but we currently have:

  • 7IM
  • 8AM
  • abrdn
  • AJ Bell Investcentre
  • Albert E Sharpe
  • Alpha Beta
  • Albemarle Street Partners
  • Arbuthnot Latham
  • Aspen
  • Barras Capital Management
  • Blackfinch Investments
  • Brooks Macdonald
  • Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
  • Charles Stanley Wealth Managers
  • Clever Marlborough
  • Copia
  • Crossing Point
  • CS Investment Managers
  • EBI
  • EPIC Investment Partners
  • EQ Investors
  • Evelyn Partners
  • Hawksmoor
  • HSBC
  • King & Shaxson
  • LGT Wealth Management
  • M&G Wealth
  • O-IM
  • P1
  • Parmenion
  • Puma Investments
  • Quilter
  • Quilter Cheviot
  • Rathbones
  • RBC Brewin Dolphin
  • Rockhold
  • Sarasin
  • Schroders
  • Sparrows Capital
  • Tatton
  • Timeline Portfolios
  • Transact – BlackRock
  • Tribe Impact Capital
  • Trust DFM
  • Waverton
  • Whitechurch

That’s easy. Drop us a line at [email protected] with the name of the provider and we’ll contact them. It will also speed matters up if you contact your BDM and let them know how much you’d like to see their MPS on Analyser.

Analyser shows performance and volatility for every portfolio. The data represents cumulative figures, net of investment costs and MPS fees unless indicated. The data is provided quarterly by the MPS provider, and we rely on each MPS provider for ensuring reliability and accuracy of their own data. Although data is believed to be reliable and accurate, we can’t take responsibility for this, or guarantee accuracy.

We’ve written a blog post on this.

If data is not displayed for a portfolio, then performance results are not available for that period.

MPS Features Comparisons only looks at range level features. There is a “Portfolios” category, but it won’t pull anything within the MPS Features comparison. To compare the portfolios level information, we created a separate comparison

The third option on the comparisons page MPS Portfolio Comparisons is where you can compare the portfolio level of information.

We’re all ears – email your suggestion to [email protected] and if it’s something we can do, we’ll do our best to add it and ask providers to give us the relevant data. If there’s some reason we can’t add your chosen feature, we’ll let you know.

We’ve set up a category under ‘Range Product Details’ with multiple ESG/Sustainable datapoints.

We have partnered with ESG Accord to help with this. ESG Accord is an independent technical compliance firm specialising in ESG and sustainability and they carry out regular assessments. Every range they have an assessment for is highlighted in Analyser.

Pricing and billing

To experience the full power of Analyser, the price is £25 + VAT a month, or £300 + VAT a year. Included in this price, you get all this:

  • A proven deep-dive screening process to create bespoke due diligence reports setting out the rationale behind your chosen platforms, with a built-in audit trail to boot
  • The ability to run one-off interactive pricing and features comparisons between platforms, based on specific must-haves or great-to-haves… all done in seconds
  • The ability to compare and contrast MPS in order to create a MPS shortlist 
  • Ad hoc research to help you keep up with the key issues of the day
  • Staying informed about what’s happening in your industry through our market insight, reports, briefings, articles and other useful content, all in one place
  • New functionality added all the time

You can pay by direct debit or card for monthly and annual subscriptions. Card payment can also be facilitated via Apple or Google pay. We only take a bank transfer for annual subscriptions. To set up a bank transfer, contact us at. After the transfer has been arranged, we’ll send you an invoice. 

If, at the end of your 14 day free trial, you decide you can’t do without Analyser, we guide you through the process to set up your subscription.  

If you want to sign up to Analyser without the trial, we’ll guide you through the same process to set up your subscription.  Go to ‘account’, ‘manage payment settings’ and click ‘Subscribe’.

We’ve chosen Stripe for our payments system, which keeps payments safe via comprehensive security. You can find out more about the security steps they take here.

For most small to medium-sized firms, one licence should be fine. You can share the single log in details across the firm, but only one user can be logged in at any one time. We haven’t built firm-level licences yet for multiple users at the same time, but we will if subscribers tell us they want it.

Not at the moment, no. We added an MPS module to Analyser in April 2022 for no additional cost to our subscribers. 

There are one or two things some firms have asked for – mainly fund feeds – which would cost a fortune to implement. So we might ask subscribers in future if they’d be happy to pay a bit more to get access to that kind of thing, but otherwise the price is the price.

As we point out during sign-up, Analyser is only available to advice professionals. We know who qualify to subscribe on this basis. However, if you work for a platform provider, fund manager, industry body or big consultancy firm please contact our support team and we’ll happily provide you with a demo of what’s available to you.

We believe an Analyser subscription packs in a whole lot of value for you and your firm. But if you’ve decided it’s not for you, that’s fair enough. Log in to Analyser, go to ‘account’, then ‘account settings’, scroll to the bottom and select ‘cancel subscription’.

And if you change your mind, you know where we are.

When you are logged into Analyser, go to ‘account’ and then ‘Manage payment settings’. From there select ‘Manage subscription’. You can update your payment details in this area.

When you are logged in to Analyser, go to ‘account’, ‘Manage payment details’ and then ‘Manage subscription’. Scroll down to ‘Invoice history’ and click the download button beside the date for the invoice you’re after.

Yes. You will need to cancel your card payment and set up a Direct Debit Instruction. To avoid a double payment, you should do this around three days before your next card payment is due. When logged in, go to ‘account’, and then ‘Cancel subscription’. Once cancelled, log back in and upgrade to Analyser by clicking on the yellow area in top right, hit ‘Subscribe’ and once on the payment page enter your Direct Debit Instructions.

The first payment will be taken three working days after it is set up and the same date thereafter.

Yes, you will need to cancel your current subscription and set up a new one. Refunds won’t be given if changing from yearly to monthly so this should be done just before renewal time.

Yes. When you are logged into Analyser, go to ‘account’, and then ‘account settings’. You’re able to add your billing email address here.

This will be used if the original email address is no longer in use or the user has left the company.

Yes, before you subscribe or upgrade to Analyser, update the billing email address in ‘account’ and then ‘account settings’. Select the option to send to your billing department when you’re picking the payment packages. Your billing department will receive an email to complete the checkout.

Scroll down to ‘Invoice history’ and you’ll find the receipt for your direct debit payment there.

Because we like to offer you the choice. Some people like to pay monthly; some like to pay annually.

Whether you pay £300 for the year, or pay £25 month by month, it’s all the same to us.

Support and feedback

Of course, we’re always happy to help. Just contact us via the ‘Get in touch’ button at the bottom of your screen within Analyser, or email us at [email protected].

Analyser is built on adviser feedback. So if you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see, just let us know at [email protected].

There’s also the ‘Get in touch’ button for any queries, suggestions or other general Analyser related comments.

Of course. Make sure you’ve signed up for your free trial or already have an active Analyser account. Now book your demo with Abbey or Terry here.

Yes. We have lots of videos to help you use Analyser. You’ll find all of them here.

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