New Novia pricing live on Analyser

You might remember that Novia introduced a new charging structure this year.

The first phase was rolled out in January and applied to firms with over £10m in assets on the platform.

This saw the number of standard charging tiers go from five to three, with the charge for the lower tiers going from a starting rate of 0.5% to 0.3%.

The second phase has now kicked in for firms with less than £10m on the platform, with effect from 1 July. The charges for this group are slightly more expensive at 0.35% for the first £500k of client assets.

The latest price change has now been updated in Analyser. Changes like this mark a good opportunity to do a quick refresh of your due diligence, run a pricing comparison, or see how any preferential terms your firm has secured with Novia stack up against the new standard pricing.

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