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Trust DFM is among the latest MPS providers to join Analyser, taking the total number of providers available to research in Analyser to 40.

Born out of IFA firm Wills & Trusts, which started to actively manage investments for clients in 1995, the firm began to share its approach to investing with other advice firms.

It established its own discretionary fund management (DFM) service in 2018, which then evolved to become Trust DFM, building on the concept of what the company calls a “collaborative DFM”.

Trust DFM has £580m in assets under management, and is owned by staff and partner IFAs.

Portfolios are based around client objectives and the main aims people want for their money, such as ‘protect’, ‘enjoy’ and ‘grow’.

There are four ranges:

– Core

– Attenborough (sustainable, themed portfolios)

– Passive

– Income

The Income range was launched recently in response to adviser feedback.

Trust DFM issues quarterly written and video market updates which can be shared with clients as is or tailored with your own content.

It provides interim updates on topical political and economic news and developments on its investment holdings, and also holds quarterly in-person sessions for advice professionals.  

Trust DFM chief investment officer James Sullivan says: “The integration of our MPS with the lang cat’s Analyser software reflects our dedication to maintaining a transparent and data-driven approach to investment management.”

You can find out more about Trust DFM, and the other 39 providers available to review and research in Analyser, via Analyser’s MPS directory

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