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In the spotlight: Puma Investments

Among the latest wave of MPS providers to join Analyser is Puma Investments.

Puma was initially set up to build on a series of venture capital trusts known as the Puma VCTs which had been managed by Shore Capital. It was established as an independent company by chief executive David Kaye in 2012.

The Puma AIM IHT service was launched in 2014, and aims to deliver long-term growth while mitigating inheritance tax. It invests in a selected portfolio of AIM stocks that qualify for business relief.

Puma is one of only two providers that offer an AIM/IHT specific range on Analyser.

The range has £139m in assets under management as at 31 March 2023. As a group Puma manages over £900m in assets, and has arranged over £1bn of development funding.

Puma Investments senior strategic partnerships manager Sunil Lakhani says: “Over the past 10 years Puma has extended its offering from VCTs to include a range of tax-efficient investments, and today it’s an established and dynamic group of companies.

“We have a firm focus on scaling ambitious, exciting businesses, whilst also delivering long-term sustainable growth for investors and partners.”

There is now a total of 40 MPS providers available to review and research in Analyser. You can find out more about Puma Investments and the other providers via Analyser’s MPS directory. Sign up for a 14 day free trial here.

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