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product providers and researchers

Comparison data, market insight and competitor information at your fingertips


Your business on Analyser

If you are a retail platform or MPS provider, your data can be added for free so our adviser users can include you in their due diligence and suitability

Use Analyser for insight

You can use Analyser for your own market analysis and insight – get in touch to discuss the options available to you


That’s the number of comparisons and due diligence reports run on retail platforms and MPS providers by advice professionals and people working in the sector. That number is growing every day.


Your proposition, compared

With your proposition on Analyser, it will be included in advice firms’ due diligence and suitability exercises

Easy online process

Add and maintain your data through our digital portal. Low maintenance, easy navigation, constant control over your data…saving you time

lang cat research

Good exposure to the advice market, with potential inclusion in the lang cat’s published research

Use Analyser.

We have a special proposition for platforms, product providers and researchers, offering access to all our data and insight


Intel at your fingertips

Maximise our market intel to power your competitor research, carry out market analysis and enhance your internal and external presentations

Access to lang cat thinking

Enhance your market knowledge by reading our reports and commentaries, included with Analyser

Stay updated about market changes

As an Analyser subscriber, you will also stay informed about the latest developments in the market, plus the lang cat’s take on the implications

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